About Us

We are a small farm located in the Charming historic town of Chesnee South Carolina, just beyond the
foothills of North Carolina. 
Our family of horses consists of a multitude of breeds from Quarter Horses to Tennessee Walkers, a retired race horse, even a pony and a rescue.
Our love of the Gypsy Horse began when my husband had a dream of owning one for himself. The dream became a reality when the beautiful Gypsy Mare CiCi came into our lives and we were able to bring her home along with the ever so charismatic gelding Lord Griffin. 
We quickly learned the Gypsy Horse is incredibly special in so many ways, from their quiet and oh so charming and personable dispositions, to their willing and consistent desire to please. Not to mention their incredible beauty. To watch our Gypsies run and play is truly like poetry in motion!
And so the love affair began. We have since then purchased two more Gypsy Horses from Vermont, a gelding Rogan followed by his beautiful sister Bridget  and finally our own incredible stallion Jazzy. 
It is our goal to breed a limited amount of Gypsy Horses for quality, not quantity. Our primary focus is trail riding where the Gypsy has proven time and again, a truly dependable and enjoyable mount, taking out even the young and inexperienced riders. We enjoy most taking our Gypsy horses out every chance we get, for the day or camping on the weekends. I enjoy showing once a month with a local organization where our Gypsy Horses have taken the blue ribbons many times! Any time our Gypsies are out people can't help but stop and admire this amazing breed. 

All of our horses are handled daily, and ridden as much as possible.
All training is based on natural horsemanship methods,putting the relationship and integrity of the horse first! 

 Thanks for Visiting Us!