Razzle Dazzle Jazzy

Our beautiful stallion Jazzy possesses every characteristic of a true example of the Gypsy Horse.  
We originally purchased Jazzy at age two, after bringing him home we could see that Jazzy was very special.
Jazzy has an amazing kind and gentle disposition that has surpassed anyones expectation that has interacted with him,
yet he displays very bold, powerful and majestic like features. 
Jazzy's sire is the amazing Gypsy MPV Dazzle Dance & dam Mary Poppins also of MPV
and is registered with the Gypsy Horse Registry of America.
Jazzy is a unique Chestnut color with white stocking and displays abundant feather and mane in flax color.
As well as homozygous for the traditional piebald pattern, Jazzy has been color tested positive for thelocus (red gene) and the Agouti gene which could produce an array of color from black, dun, chestnut, sorrel & even champagne.
Our Jazzy is the proud sire of both "Jazzy's Dazzled Prince" and  "Jazzy's Sweet MacBryde " currently offered for sale. 
We anticipate another foal out of CiCi in the coming year. 
Although Jazzy has been exclusive to our mares we have future plans of offering services to approved mares.


Stallion Jazzy