Hay Hut Sales

The Hay Hut has been proven in multiple studies to save between 30 - 50% on HAY.
The Hay Hut will save you TIME, as less WASTE will result in setting out Hay less often.
The Hay Hut will save you hours of WORK  as there will be no Mess
to Clean up from WASTED HAY.
The Hay Hut in saving you HAY, TIME, WASTE and WORK equals SAVING MONEY $$$

I can personally attest to all of the Above Statements as I have four Hay Huts
in use on this Farm.
Seven years ago I purchased my first Hay Hut and was so satisfied with this Product that I agreed to become a dealer for Hay Huts. Not only will they save Time, Work and Money,
You will have less Stress knowing that your precious Horses have constant access to Clean, Fresh Good Quality Hay, Regardless of the weather outside.
This peace of Mind, Money can't Buy.
The Hay Huts have truly been by far the best purchase that we have made for this farm.

The Price  is $825.00 per unit
Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

864-497-4431 (cell)