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Welcome to Carolina Gypsy Horses

History of the Breed:
For hundreds of years the nomadic people known as gypsies traveled the roads of
Europe and the U.K. in beautifully carved and decorated living wagons.
To maintain this wandering way of life, they created an extraordinary breed of horse
with enough strength and endurance to pull a heavy wagon all day with an extremely calm temperament,
since a moment of panic could result in the destruction of it's masters home!
The result after years of selective breeding, is a beautiful, powerful and supremely gentle animal: known today as the Gypsy Horse. 

Breed Description:
The Gypsy Horse is powerful and compact with an overall impression of intelligence, kindness, strength and agility. Proportioned and balanced with medium to heavy bone and well muscled.
Their mane and tails are thick and luxurious. The forelock extends past the tip of their muzzle.
Abundant feather drapes from knee to ground. It is not uncommon that they display a beard and or mustache. 

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On The First Day God Created the Horse....
On the Second Day he Painted and Feathered the Best Ones !